WordOne-icon-150x150What former clients and professionals have to say about Sebastian’s work:

“Sebastian de Assis, Ph.D., has provided over a period of one year and a half outstanding services and support for my work…and not less important, will contribute to the success of STMicroelectronics as well. Sebastian’s multicultural experiences and ability to establish connection with people cannot be neglected…he is excellent in every aspect of human relations and communication skills…I am confident (he) can also provide you the best services for the prosperity of your organization.”

Riccardo Maggi, Engineer Marketing Department at STMicroelectronics, Inc.

“[Sebastian] was instrumental in the creation of a new logo and the revision of the agency’s mission statement and core values; he developed new and effective marketing materials; redesigned the agency’s website layout and content; wrote and published numerous articles promoting the organization; generated extensive media exposure…I have confidence in him and therefore do not hesitate to recommend him for your consideration, for you will be hard-pressed to find a better qualified professional in the field of communications, marketing, and development.”

Paul Logan, CEO, Northwest Human Services

“Thanks again for meeting with me today. It was great to get some grounding for my priorities and I very much appreciate your feedback…your critiques were constructive and provided me with direction…your [Sebastian’s] help was immensely useful.”

Jeremy Groom, Ph.D., Groom Analytics

“Sebastian is an invaluable asset to any organization with which he works…his ethics are impeccable, his loyalties are unquestionable, and his friendships are enduring…He will always be a positive contributor to any organization or effort with whom he chooses to affiliate, and the gift of being his choice will bring untold rewards to that fortunate group.”

Lyn Horine, Legislative Aide, Oregon State Senator Jackie Winters

“I will be the production editor for your book, and I’d like to take a moment to review the next stages of production. Because your book is in very nice shape…no substantive changes will be made. I look forward to working with you on what looks to be a very interesting book.”

Jason Proetorius, Editor, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

“I went through everything in my office and found your article…The text is really, really good…No changes to the article are needed at all. It is very professional and better than I ever get…I will definitely publish this (article). I would really like to see you become a regular contributor to the magazine. It goes without saying that you would add a great deal to our existing mix and give us a refined and intellectual dimension.”

Todd Hester, Editor-in-Chief, CFW Enterprises

“Just a quick note to commend you on the excellent article in this month’s Grappling magazine. I can honestly say that yours was the article that convinced me to buy it, as opposed to speed-reading it on the newsstand…If you’ve written anything elsewhere, please let me know.”

Bill De Simone (reader fan email)

“I found your article very interesting and some very informative material…Is there a follow up article to your first one? Is there a book deal in the works? Please let me know if you ever publish a book on this subject, for I’d very much like to read it.”

Alvin Singh (reader fan email)

“Thank you so much for helping me realize my life-long dream of publishing my first book. I could not be more satisfied with the fantastic job you did with the typesetting and overall design of my book. I strongly recommend your services to anyone interested in having a book published. Thank you.”

Maria L. Tambord, Albuquerque, NM

“I’ve always wanted to write my life story but felt intimidated by the task. With the help of Sebastian’s exceptional writing skills I was able to accomplish the task. Then, after helping me transpose my emotions and memories into well-articulated sentences, he designed and produced an outstanding book that I will always treasure.”

Margaret B. Burton, Manhattan, New York

“I can’t thank you enough, Sebastian. You did a terrific job developing my business plan in a very short notice. I appreciate your work and I really enjoyed meeting you. Thank you.”

Anthony C. Gomes, Lahaina, Hawaii

“Thank you very much for the professional looking book you designed for me. I’m very happy with the final product and proud to share it with others. I’ll definitely be contacting you again as soon as I finish writing my second book.”

Trudy Delacroix, Los Angeles, CA

“Wow! What an impressive and effective array of marketing materials you put together for our business. It looks awesome! You may consider yourself our go-to professional for all our marketing material needs. Thank you.”

Tamira Zukui, The Aloha Rainbow, Kihei, Hawaii